Inspiration from the Best Spokesman in the World: Steve Jobs

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This week I am featuring an inspirational blog from Steve Jobs and his 7 Secrets for Success. I realize it has been overplayed in the land of social media. Regardless, I will add to the crowded voices to share with you his insight because he has inspired me this past week. It is true, that Jobs was highly regarded as a “hot tempered hero/shithead rollercoaster. He was indeed very self aware of his attitude — he called Fortune’s editor to complain about an article written about him, only to say “Wait a minute, you’ve discovered that I’m an asshole? Why is that news?” (ref: Romain Moisescot: Steve At Work) So now you know that Steve Jobs was a human being like us all. In fact, I will start with a quote from him directly:

Jobs said, “Everything around you was made up by people that are no smarter than you. You can change it, you can influence it and create things that other people can use. Shake off the erronious notion that life is there and you are just going to live in it. You can effect change.”

As I map out the next stage of my career, I am asking myself questions that I am sure you are facing as well. Questions such as:

  1. What is your mindset?
  2. How do you improve your performance?
  3. If you had the right tools, opportunities and luck would you be able to propel yourself towards a greater vision?

So now we know that Jobs was a falible human being like us all. His true genius was to challenge the status quo and to press on through rough waters and limitations. My guest blogger this week is Steve Jobs.


The 7 Secrets to the Success of Steve Jobs:

1)  Do What You Love, Don’t Settle: As with all matters of the heart you will know when you find it. Passion is everything.

2)  Put a Dent in The Universe: Have the courage to follow your heart and trust your intuition. You have to have a big, clear, bold, concise vision.  Keep it simple enough to fit into a Twitter post.

3)  Say “NO” to 1,000 things: Reduce the clutter. You have to be focused on what you want. Keep it simple. When Jobs came back to Apple (which at this time was close to bankruptcy) he reduced their products from 300 down to 10. He did this in his personal life as well. He focused on the 12 most important people in his life. If you were in the top 6 you got all of his attention.

4)  Kick Start Your Brain by Doing Something New: Thinking differently led Jobs to making unexpected connections such as the creation of the Apple store inspired by the Four Seasons Hotel. Instead of a cashier, they have concierge. Apple has a genius bar that dispenses advice, and a simple, high tech interactive showroom. When have you seen an Apple Store empty?

5)  Sell Dreams Not Products: You are selling the aspiration. It should be about what the customer can have or achieve by purchasing your product.

6) Create Insanely Great Experiences: Classic customer experience innovation. What is the experience of the customer when they interact with you or your brand? Create an association that speaks directly to the world and desire of the customer.

7)  Master the Message: You are being judged by how well you communicate. Everything is about relationships and making connections.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”  What would Steve Jobs do? Be inspired and move forward with focus and discipline.



Focus and simplified approaches always seem to lead to greater success. Thanks for sharing this!

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