How To Be a Marketing Monster: 7 Steps to Success!


While watching Preston Ely’s seminar about marketing (click here for video of his presentation), I was reminded that in today’s world we are all direct marketers.  Whenever you are trying to influence buying behavior, you are marketing.  Regardless of the product or industry.  It is a crowded space and in order to be found you have to be different.  This is the philosophy and reason that Preston Ely (CEO of FreedomSoft) has been successful in real estate.  I am including his video lecture because this marketing approach is applicable to any industry whether it be medical device, biotech, medical aesthetics or pharmaceutical.

In the healthcare industry, marketing professionals consider themselves unique.  Driven by technology regulated by the FDA, it is a popular belief that traditional marketing practices do not necessarily apply to healthcare.  Wrong!  There is a change in business towards a matrix model.    Gone are the days of titles, fancy business cards and corporate geek speak.

People don’t buy products, they buy connections.  Be personal.  In my experience working in sales and marketing management, I have found that nothing can replace the connection you establish with your customer.  Authenticity will effect your ability to connect with your target audience!

Steps to becoming a marketing monster:

1)  Be authentically you-  Speak to people as your authentic self.  Reach out to others using your personality

2)  Direct marketing is designed to reach your target audience with the goal of obtaining an immediate decision to buy.  Act Now! creates a response.  How will you capture attention?

3)  Study marketing-  Who is the best?  Learn from the best.  Model your behavior after those that are achieving results.

4)  Don’t be boring!  Be funny, be outrageous, be different, be personal!

    • Practice buyer emails, newsletters, SEO, SEM techniques.  Use an inspirational quote, deal of the week, picture of the week, tip of the week.
    • BOTTOM LINE:  Offer value!  Give something to get something.Use emotionally charged words:  What will get the most attention?  People will not open your email if you aren’t different.

Example:  Subject: New Property for Sale  Vs. Dude, Take this cheap ass house… Please!

Subject:   Big Bird vs. Snuffleupagus:  “The Ultimate Battle”

    • You have to be different in order to be found.  The market is flooded with messages.

5)  Give people a reason to care about what you are saying!  Make it informative, make it funny (The more people laugh, the more people buy)

6)  Take note of what everyone else is doing and DO THE OPPOSITE!  You can’t be the same as everyone else.

7)  Most people suck at marketing-  Make sure whatever marketing initiatives you produce are the best.  One way to stand out in the crowd is by creating a premium trusted brand or service through personal connections.

Make that connection in an authentic way

Here are a list of top marketers that you can learn from:

David Ogilvy-  “it sometimes pays an agency to be imaginative and unorthodox in hiring.”

Claude Hopkins– “Advertising, once a gamble, has thus become, under able direction, one of the safest business ventures.”

John Carlton“You find a hungry audience, and you offer them something they value… by communicating with them in a way that resonates deeply and moves them to action.”

Dan Kennedy“Write Well to Sell Big!  In the age of instant communication, great sales copy is indispensable.”

Robert Cialdini“If you understand the principles of influence, you can become significantly more effective in business”


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